What Is Marital Property, and How Should Divorcing Spouses Split It?

Turn to divorce attorney Michael Furtado for answers

In Rhode Island, divorcing couples must agree on how to divide their shared property. Marital assets aren't just funds from shared bank accounts. They include insurance policies, real estate, cars and debts. Dividing marital assets can be tough, but a divorce attorney can make the process easier.

Michael Furtado of Furtado Legal Services is an experienced family attorney. He'll not only help you divide your martial assets equally, but he'll also walk you through your divorce.

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Other questions attorney Michael Furtado can answer

Other questions attorney Michael Furtado can answer

Bring your legal concerns to attorney Michael Furtado. He can answer complex questions like...

"Who will keep the house or family car?"
"What are the tax consequences of owning certain assets?"
"What if my spouse is hiding or mismanaging our marital assets?"

You'll appreciate the personalized legal guidance he can provide during your divorce.