Is Common Law Marriage Right for You and Your Partner?

Enjoy the benefits of marriage without throwing an expensive ceremony

Partners in Rhode Island can have the same legal rights as married couples through common law marriage. Michael Furtado of Furtado Legal Services understands the nuances of family law, so he can answer all of your questions about common law marriage.

It might help to understand the basics before meeting with attorney Michael Furtado. Unlike a conventional marriage, a common law marriage...

  • Doesn't require a wedding ceremony or marriage license.
  • Is only recognized in Rhode Island, a few other states and Washington, D.C.
  • Is valid as long as partners intend to be married, live together and refer to themselves as a married couple in public.

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Common law marriage protects your best interests

Common law marriage protects your best interests

Partners in committed but non-marital relationships don't have the legal protections that spouses do. Should you and your partner separate, common law marriage would make it easier to negotiate property division and child custody.

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